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Sameena Ji


Sameena Ji joined Umeed thinking it would be a place to earn a little extra money to contribute to her family income. Little did she know that it would change the way she looks at life and more importantly herself. Like many other women in her community she had an abusive marriage and faced a lot of domestic violence quite regularly. She had no exposure of the outside world as she was not allowed to step out of her basti or even her house. A very nervous and timid Sameena ji on the first day at Umeed introduced herself saying,


"Mere liye yeh yakeen karna ki main zindagi mein pehli baar ghar se baahar akeli nikli hun, bahut mushkil hai!"


After joining Umeed, she continued facing restrictions from her family. But slowly and gradually, things began to change. Sameena ji’s self confidence has increased tremendously. She now comes out for all the training sessions, and is on the path of becoming a very independent woman. She has seen a vast change in the attitudes of her husband and children towards her. They respect and trust her far more than ever. 

Amina Ji


A few years ago, Amina Ji’s husband had left her because he felt she was a bad omen having given birth to only girl children. Despite his ill treatment and her financial rut, Amina Ji has been a brave heart. She decided to take family financing into her own hands. Having a knack for arts and crafts, she started to show her talent from day one at Umeed. She once said during a post production reflection session,


“Mujh mein bahot haunsla hai kuch kar dikhane ka, ab raah dikh gayi hai, safalta bhi mil jayegi!”


Within three months of joining, she gradually started developing strong leadership skills and took charge of training and induction of new admissions at Umeed. During one of the orientation sessions for the new ladies Amina Ji was found explaining with utmost pride,


“Hamare Umeed mein kaam tab acchcha maana jaata hai jab hum sab ek saath aage badhte hain. Akele badhoge to akele reh jaoge.”


Currently she lives with her relatives and four daughters all of them successfully enrolled in government schools. Amina ji with her four daughters, still fighting a divorce court case but until date, her will to continuously learn and her undying determination remain intact. 

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