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Umeed's FirstLeap Program

We have had many meaningful learning in the last 5 years. One of the major learning has been to consolidate our experience and leverage our strongest skills. That is how FirstLeap program came into existence.

Through FirstLeap we intend to broaden the scale and scope of umeed and reach more women faster.

FirstLeap a holistic program for unskilled women from low income urban communities. This 2 month program will have women learn and grow through workshops and training based on 3 focus areas:


Skill: Programs for building skills that are employable, with a deep focus on bridging the gap between the skills, aptitude levels of women and the local industry requirements.

Values and Mindset: Intensive awareness programs that make women more self-aware, and knowledgeable about values that support their personal and professional growth

Exposure: Programs that lead to knowledge and awareness about fundamental rights, duties, work rights and responsibilities of women along with understanding how to practice these learning at a personal and professional front.

During the program the women will get awareness about and learn from various industries that can absorb them in their labor force. Post program completion, women will be provided with employment opportunities to take their very first step towards financial independence in their longer journey of becoming empowered women contributing to the Indian economy.

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