Vision & Mission

Umeed is a non-profit that hopes to promote women’s empowerment and radically alter the mindsets that exist within society.


Through providing training and knowledge to women, we aspire to bring about an immediate and lasting difference; one of hope, dignity and security.


We provide training to women to create and sell simple and beautiful eco-friendly newspaper handicrafts, thus giving these women exposure to new life-skills; such as planning, budgeting, teamwork and creativity. 


These skills will go a long way to drive their confidence, empower them and, eventually, alter the oppressive mindsets around them to progressive ones.


Umeed does not exist only to better the lives of these women; but to better the lives of their whole families and communities.

Our Focus

Umeed is not just a training facility but a space for the holistic development of women working with us. We emphasize a lot on the following three buckets:


  • Skill Building

  • Values & Mindsets

  • Exposure

Stories of Hope

At Umeed it's all about HOPE! We encourage women to realise their value and reach their potential through skill training and by positively altering their mindset. As a result many of them are now independently taking care of themselves and their families. Our stories of hope inspire us time and again and keep us going!

Get Involved

Umeed is a place where people connect to make a difference by contributing their time, skills and available resources. There are lots of ways in which you can help us directly and indirectly to bring about positive change in the current situation of women in our communities.

We are currently crowdfunding to increase our impact. read more about it here.

Be part of our journey at UMEED. To know more about our upcoming events and exhibitions you may:

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